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Sometimes it's the simple things that can make the biggest shifts in our lives, sometimes it's not. The most important thing is being aware of the things that shape our patterns of thinking, our habits and our actions in the first place.

As a health, life and happiness coach for over 6 years, Evan has worked with people of all ages and backgrounds to break down barriers that prevent them from living full, vibrant and engaged lives. As an advocate and student for meaningful, interesting, holistic and playful lives, Evan uses the principles of mindfulness, positive psychology, emotional intelligence and self-awareness to drive positive shifts in our habits, thinking and behaviours.

Evan believes in being an example first and foremost. He doesn't believe in telling people to do things that he hasn't done or setting unattainable expectations. He has been greatly shaped by his former hedonistic lifestyle trapped in sex, drugs, alcohol, parties and unhealthy consumption and his experience of turning that all around in a little hut at a Buddhist monastery. In his experiences with his monk brother, Evan learned how to slow down, using the tools of meditation (walking, sitting, standing, eating, body-scans, feeling the body, breath-work), sharing (& deep-listening), self-awareness, curiosity and self-expression, introspection, gratitude, kindness, empathy, compassion and play, tools he still turns to today. His drive is to share his experiences with people of all ages so that they may be free to live their best, healthiest and happiest lives.

Evan's coaching style is highly personalized and can be adapted for various lifestyles, goals, and budgets. Sliding scales available and first 30 minute exploratory session is free.

Featured Coaching

  • Audience: human beings.

  • Topics: happiness, meaning, passion, removing stress and anxiety, positive relationships, compassion, gratitude, peak performance, physical and mental health, nature, creativity, curiosity, nutrition, self-exploration, leadership, attitude, freedom, acceptance, fulfilment, health.

  • Time: 30 minutes to 5 hours.

Walk & Talk - relaxed, informal, open. Discuss the things you want more of in your life and the things that might be preventing them from becoming a reality. At the same time move the body, relax the body and open the mind.

Mindful Mornings - create a morning ritual that builds healthy habits and drives important change. Focus on gratitude, clarity, intention, nutrition, mindfulness.

Phone/Skype/Zoom/WhatsApp Call - 30 minutes to 1 hour call.

Stand Up Paddle Board & Play - Jump on a board (included) and explore Linda Mar and surrounding beaches (best on a flat day, but open to all conditions).

Hiking - Explore some amazing hiking in and around the bay area while exploring the mind and body.

Beach Walking Meditations and Sharing - guided soft-sand walking meditation, talk and sharing.

Awake Sessions - work through the contents and four foundations - exploration, know yourself, meaning and presence - of Evan’s new book with one on one support. Explore your curiosity and creativity and connect to your values and strengths and weaknesses. Practice a range of guided sitting, walking and eating meditations. Get mindset tips, investigations and inquiries and good deed challenges. Stretch yourself, learn how to let go, reduce stress, anxiety and move towards fulfilment and holistic happiness.

Day of Happiness - Combine any or all of the elements above in a morning or full day of health and happiness. Includes meals, drinks and boards.

*Physical Health: personal training, boxing training/coaching (pad work, bag, technique, cardio, rope), tennis coaching, stand up paddle boarding lessons, guided hikes.

Clients get a free copy of Evan’s 138 page eBook Awake, a practical guide, workbook, journal for learning the tools to live your happiest, healthiest and most fulfilled life.

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Evan taught me a range of techniques and simple practices that made the very difficult transition to life after football a lot easier. Evan’s calm, positive and supportive (and happy) nature helped me, and continue to help me, navigate the challenges of life while learning to enjoy the simple, and important, things that are easy to forget. Coming from someone who has had a lot of coaches, I couldn’t recommend Evan enough
— Richard Fa'aoso | Retired Professional Rugby League Player | 2012 Premiership Winner with the Melbourne Storm | Tongan International Player of the year 2009

Evan has been my life coach for some time now and he has been a solid partner through this period of my life. He’s an attentive and patient listener and has provided me with many helpful insights and guidance throughout our work together. I would recommend him to anyone feeling lost or unsettled who would like a calming voice in their corner.
— Mark Vanderbeek | Entrepreneur | VC Investor