Evan has forged a reputation as an engaging and thought-provoking speaker (see above keynote to 800 people in Amsterdam 2019) in fields related to individual and business happiness, meaning, fulfilment, mindfulness, passion, compassion and positivity. Evan shares his unique story in a way that connects with his audience and fosters change in a creative and absorbing manner.

Evan addresses global audiences of all backgrounds at conferences, corporate offices, schools, panels and events.

Featured Talks

How Business Is The Key To Making The World A Happier Place

  • Audience: Business, corporate offices and events, professional conferences, panels.

  • Time: 45 minutes (can be adapted for shorter or longer time slots)

  • Topics: Happiness, employee wellness, sustainability, CSR, HR, business happiness, diversity, inclusivity, happy business case studies, strategy, responsibility, culture, leadership, compassion, development, community vitality, engagement.

What’s inside: Clearly defining what an individual needs to be happy, healthy and well. Looking at how a business can influence this outline of individual happiness. Clearly defining what it means to be a happy business. Identifying and defining the 4 stakeholders - employees, community, environment and customers - and implementing practices to better guide corporate responsibility, sustainability and health and wellbeing, to pinpoint areas for integrated and holistic workplace happiness. This talk combines academic research with the foundations of individual happiness to drive better, happier business and a better, happier world.

This talk is useful for companies of all sizes, founders, CEO's, CHO's, HR, employee wellness, sustainability, auditing and impact investing. It will clearly demonstrate how a business can generate happiness, provide clear recommendations and ideas, and be a strong blueprint for employee wellness strategies, community engagement and environmental responsibility. It can help drive positive business outcomes and forge important societal change.

Hey You! Why Are You Running Around In Circles? / From Hedonist to Humanist / The Trick is Not to Run Away from our Suffering

  • Audience: Schools, Universities, Business, corporate offices, conferences, organisations, community groups, sports teams and associations.

  • Time: Pecha Kucha (7 minutes), Lighting Talk (10 - 15 minutes), Ted style (18 minutes), Up to Keynote (20, 45, 60 minutes)

  • Topics: Health, well-being, happiness, mindset, motivation, mindfulness, gratitude, compassion, slowing down, stress, anxiety, relationships, meaning, passion, drugs, sex, alcohol, desire (can be removed for different age groups), contemplation, love, life, a good life, curiosity, creativity, meditation.

What’s inside: What does it mean to be happy? What is a good life? A meaningful life? Evan shares his unique and engaging story of his former hedonistic lifestyle trapped in sex, drugs, alcohol, parties and unhealthy consumption. You will hear of adventures travelling to 50+ countries in search of happiness, only to find himself stuck in the pleasure trap, and his experience of turning it all around in a little hut at a Buddhist monastery. In his experiences with his monk brother, Evan learned how to slow down, using the tools of meditation (walking, sitting, standing, eating, body-scans, feeling the body, breath-work), sharing (& deep-listening), self-awareness, curiosity and self-expression, introspection, gratitude, kindness, empathy, compassion and play, practical tools he will introduce in his talk.

Evan’s drive is to share his experiences with people of all ages, in an engaging, thought-provoking and authentic way, so we all can be free to live our best, healthiest and happiest lives.

Topic, style and length can be adapted for the audience.

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Some previous engagements include: Sydney Writers Festival | Happiness and Its Causes | GOTO Chicago | GOTO Amsterdam | GOTO Copenhagen | Ideas People San Francisco | GK & F | Lots Of Takes | Ignite Your Legend | FTP Health & Fitness | Be Talks | St Dominics College | West Words | Breathless | Tarkine In Motion

Evan delivered an engaging and insightful keynote at GOTO Amsterdam. He clearly defined a number of key aspects helping each one of us to focus on what we can do to be happy. He shows how this links to better businesses and generates greater happiness for all stakeholders. Evan’s work has inspired us internally at Trifork and we are proud to be able to share his thoughts and ideas with others through our conferences. At GOTO Amsterdam he took dense content and presented it in a way that was relatable, interesting and engaging for the audience at our software developer conference. I can highly recommend using Evan as a keynote speaker
— Preben Thorö | CTO Trifork GmbH | Head of the GOTO Conferences Program Committees

Evan was such a pleasure to have as a guest speaker, his story and presentation was captivating from start to finish. I truly enjoyed his amazing story, absorbing each and every word, his use of humour, along with his genuine and friendly personality, made it so enjoyable to listen to
— Luke Saliba | Director | Functional Training Playground