Happiness can be defined, measured, and used to make your business better and more successful long-term. It also makes the world a better -happier - place, too. Evan has a history of working in happiness on an individual level and brings this unique approach to create a framework for assessing and improving a business's happiness output. He focuses on happiness from an interconnected and holistic approach, to ensure that the vision and values of the business are aligned throughout the entire business, to drive long-term and genuine change.

He understands that like with an individual's happiness, all things are connected- mind and body, thoughts and feelings. This is the same for business; there is no CSR without consumers playing their part, no true employee well-being without responsibility and no sustainability without community engagement. Evan uses happiness as the metric that fuses all of these things together, in a holistic, interconnected and engaging way.

If you are interested in having Evan consult at your business, please email evanjsutter@gmail.com