Evan Sutter

I'm Evan, an Australian living in California. I’m the founder of Hapzly. I coach, consult, speak, and write as mediums to spread happiness. We are all responsible for our thoughts, words and actions, for our world and the world our little ones inherit. What are we offering them?! 

I listen for ways to best engage and connect, to plant seeds for people, communities and business to think a little differently to spark change and make things better and happier for all. My lens is happiness, happiness for all of earth's stakeholders; and, I bring a unique perspective that proves that choosing happiness makes your life better, and your business better too.

After living in a hut in the forests of a Buddhist monastery with my monk brother, I was introduced to a new way of living. It challenged my status quo, shook my habits, bashed my ego, trampled my perspectives and forced me to reconsider if my direction in life really was making me happier.  

I solo-travelled the world, delving deeper with every adventure, getting comfortable being lost, questioning my why, connecting to my values, softening my hard edges, slowing my ruminating mind, and opening my heart.

I wrote a book titled Solitude: How Doing Nothing Can Change the World, and from there I starting speaking at schools, conferences, companies and events. I was a guest on national radio "What's the secret to Happiness," and a range of podcasts and blogs.

I launched an environmental initiative to ban single use plastic bags in NSW, Australia. I created an engaged and dynamic education initiative in Bogota, Columbia, a place where huge numbers of people leave school and pursue low-level jobs and thus keep the cycle of poverty turning.  They illustrated my children's stories to learn English and literacy skills in a fun and engaging way - helping to promote lifelong learning and break this crippling cycle. I worked on a social enterprise in a favela in Brazil, to teach people the skills of entrepreneurship to create alternative pathways to the drug and crime trade. I worked with the UAE government (and 55 of their chief happiness officers), UC Berkeley  and a host of Australia's happiest companies to push happiness to the top of the agenda.

I love the ocean and the great outdoors. I surf, body surf and stand up paddle board. I love moving the body by playing tennis, golf, hiking, trail running, yoga, boxing and much more. I love exploring the mind through meditation, breath work, contemplation and a sharpened curiosity. I’m the youngest of 4 boys. The uncle of 2 nephews and 2 nieces. I’m passionate about people. I’m passionate about making positive impact and planting seeds for change and transformation.

Want to know more about me? Email evanjsutter@gmail.com

Having Evan on my radio program was most informative and revealing. The audience learned that recognising the inevitability of ups and downs is essential if one is to live a full and balanced life.
— James Carleton | Presenter and Producer | God Forbid | ABC

Evan’s ability to listen with empathy coupled with his genuine love for life and the betterment of others makes for insightful conversation. It makes you want to reflect on and better your own life - a true gem and someone who I look up to
— Chris Maguire | One half of the GK&F podcast | Writer/Producer/ Guitarist @ The Mission In Motion

Evan taught me a range of techniques and simple practices that made the very difficult transition to life after football a lot easier. Evan’s calm, positive and supportive (and happy) nature helped me, and continue to help me, navigate the challenges of life while learning to enjoy the simple, and important, things that are easy to forget. Coming from someone who has had a lot of coaches, I couldn’t recommend Evan enough
— Richard Fa'aoso | Retired Professional Rugby League Player | 2012 Premiership Winner with the Melbourne Storm

I had the pleasure of working with Evan Sutter to engage key leaders in the happiness and wellbeing space in Australia in 2018. Evan generously shared his time in helping us to craft an impactful session. I was quite impressed with Evan’s connections to change leaders in Australia, as well as their willingness to help us due to Evan’s relationships. I am so grateful
— Andrea Salvemini | Director | UC Berkeley